Save Our Schools: North Glengarry


While our North Glengarry schools avoided the chopping block for now, it is mandatory that we stay active in the rural education file. With this in mind, we are asking everyone in the township to participate in the Province's Consultation on Ontario's Rural Education Strategy. The Province is looking for information on how to best support rural and remote communities and ensure that students have access to a full range of learning opportunities. They want to know how they can... serve rural communities effectively and make the best use of public resources. Your feedback will be used by the Ministry of Education to help them understand what's important to you when it comes to education in your community. The Province will report back on the results of this consultation in the summer 2017. Closing date: June 9, 2017 - 


In September 2016, without any notice, the Upper Canada District School Board of Ontario launched a Pupil Accommodation Review. This review may result in sweeping changes to the transportation of area children and teens and a number of schools are slated for closure (Maxville Elementary and Glengarry District High School) among many others in the region.

The Council of the Township is actively working to stop this and will participate in the accommodation review process along with parents and other stakeholders. The process includes a number of committees, public meetings and special processes.

We will post information below that is relevant to the process and encourage all residents and ratepayers to get involved and communicate concerns to the school board and/or your local MPP.

Economic Impacts of School Closures:  

The Township commissioned an econo-metric analysis to clarify the socio-economic impacts of school closures. The results can be reviewed by cicking here and are summarized below:

- $6.9 to $8.4 million in decreased spending in area businesses and economy

- 25 equivalent job losses

- 20% decrease in property values of area homes and businesses.   


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