Glengarry Regional Water Supply Project

Winter 2014 Update

The design of the Glengarry Regional Water Supply is essentially complete. Engineers are tying up loose ends but the project is shovel ready and tender ready.

A detailed agreement between the City of Cornwall and the Townships of North and South Glengarry covering the supply of water for the next 50 years was passed on February 10th. So the water supply from Cornwall is secure and ready for the day the project is financed to proceed.

Municipal leaders and our partners continue to lobby senior levels of government for support for the funding to make the project happen.

If you have any questions about the Glengarry Regional Water Supply Project, contact the Township of North Glengarry by clicking here to email the CAO or call 613.525.1110.

Summer 2013 Update

The design engineers are narrowing down the design to the Maxville distribution system and will need some help from individual property owners. Letters were sent with a form to have residents fill in where they would like the service pipe to run across their property to their home or business. A public meeting was on June 26th to answer questions about servicing and provide an overall update on the project to date.

Click Here to review the Powerpoint presentation with the update on the project to date.

Click here to review an updated Frequency Asked Questions (FAQs) document from the meeting.

Final Environmental Assessment Update:

New environmental reports are available for public review. Click on the file names below to download detailed reports on archeological and natural environment reviews for the route and main areas of the Glengarry Regional waterline.

The final Environmental Assessment Report can be viewed by clicking here.

Any questions can be directed to the CAO by email here or via phone at 613.525.1110.

Winter 2013 Update:

The Township's consulting engineers continue to work on the design of the Glengarry Regional Water Supply Project (Glengarry Pipeline), working with the City of Cornwall water department staff and conducting detailed research for geo-technical, surveying, environmental and archeological assessments.

The detailed design is approximately 66% complete. While the engineers are busy at work, Township staff and councillors are busy presenting the project details to senior officials at both the federal and provincial governments.

Detailed presentations have been made to the MPs and MPPs of both ridings that cover North and South Glengarry and the City of Cornwall. Grant Crack, Jim McDonell, Pierre Lemieux and Guy Lauzon are all in favour of the project and understand the needs of the communities involved.

In late January, the City of Cornwall was also briefed and City councillors unanimously voiced their support for the project. Click here to review an amalgamated version of the presentation provided to the City of Cornwall and the local MPs/MPPs.

Earlier Documents (November 2012)

The consultant's first preliminary report and updated environmental assessment information was presented as a public open house meeting on November 27, 2012 in Maxville.

The consultant's presentation can be downloaded in pdf format by clicking here.

A summary of the meeting including answers to questions posed at the meeting can be downloaded by clicking here to view the pdf document.

If you have any questions or comments on the presentation or the project in general simply email the CAO Daniel Gagnon or call the Township at 613.525.1110.

Project Overview:

The Township of North Glengarry has been spearheading a very important regional capital infrastructure project for some time now. The Glengarry Regional Water Supply Project (GRWSP) will address concerns over the quality and quantity of the community's drinking water source for decades to come and can potentially benefit neighbouring communities.

Currently, the Village of Maxville has no municipal drinking water source and local wells have serious quantity and quality issues. In Alexandria, the community's drinking water source (Garry River watershed) is costly to treat and not in the best interests of the community for the long term. Another solution is needed.

The Regional Water Project will take treated drinking water from the St. Lawrence via the City of Cornwall's water system and transport it north through South Glengarry to service Maxville and Alexandria. The system is also being designed to possibly service other communities along the main route in the future. The actual connection of the water to these communities will not be part of this project.

After years of studies, a route was selected and environmental assessments completed in 2010. Preliminary estimates for the capital costs put the project at over $50 million. In 2011, the Township of North Glengarry secured 90% funding from the Province of Ontario to complete the detailed design stage for the project (approx. $3 million). The design stage will take the project from concept to detailed, tender ready drawings so that when the capital funding is received, the project can easily move to the construction stage.