Frequently Asked Questions
About Permits

Q. How do I apply?

  1. Complete application (Application can be obtained on line or at the Township Office)
  2. Submit site plan (location of new or additional structures on property showing approx. dimensions)
  3. Submit detailed construction plans, including:
    • Foundation
    • Floor plan
    • Cross section of wall
    • Elevations
    • Insulation Values
    • Roof structural design
    • Plumbing fixtures if applicable(Plans must indicate structural size)
  4. Obtain septic design and application approval for new construction or for additional bedrooms or bathrooms from the Ontario Health Unit 1-800-267-8260.
  5. Obtain entrance approval from County or Township Roads Departments
  6. Pay permit fee

Q. What else should be considered?

Bell Canada - location of phone cables

Gas- location of lines

Hydro - permits for electrical inspections, location of existing and future services

Insurance - coverage during construction

Heritage Buildings - review by LACAC

Q. What is expected during construction?

Post permit: keep set of plans available

Notify inspector 48 hours before pouring footing, backfilling, completion of framing, plumbing, heating, fireplace rough-in, vapour barrier, insulation and final inspection

Q. Why do I need inspections?

Inspections are a service paid by you through the permit fee. Proper inspections will ensure the site is safe and meets the Building & Fire Codes. This will protect your investment and maintain a standard or development for the municipality.

Q. What happens if I don't get a permit?

Building without a permit is against the law and is subject to fines or penalties as set out in the Building Code Act.

Q. I am looking to install a pool or inflatable pool.
Do I need a permit?

Yes, a permit is required, contact the building Department for any questions about pools.