Maxville Water Project

If you have any questions about the Maxville Water Supply Project, contact the Township of North Glengarry by clicking here to email the CAO or call 613.525.1110. 

Complaints and Requests Process during construction

—Residents are required to file any complaints or requests through the Public Works Office:

Telephone - 613-525-3087
Staff will document the issue, close the loop and have someone get back to you, ensure Aaccountability

Sping 2018 Update

The Council for the Township of North Glengarry held a public information session on May 10th, 2018 to update residents on the progress of the Maxville Water Project. This follows on the April 16th announcement that Clarence McDonald Excavation had been awarded a $10.2 million contract for the water distribution system for that municipality. During the session, details were shared on the timing of construction, roles and responsibilities of the Township, engineering firm, contractor and residents in the project.

Project timing to date is as follows:

  • Water Tower construction started on May 7th and should be completed by the end of October 2018;
  • Construction for the Water Distribution System is scheduled to start on May 14th with construction spanning approximately 24 months. Importantly, streets that are major thoroughfares for the Glengarry Highland Games should be completed prior to the games;
  • The design work is ongoing for the Water Transmission Main and Booster Station with plans to issue the tender at the end of May. Construction would start immediately after the tender is awarded;
  • Water Plant Upgrades are in the planning stages;
  • Reinstatement of various streets, sidewalks and structures will occur concurrently with construction.


Click here to download the Press Release

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Click here to download the projected Construction timeline maps

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Fall 2017 Update

Plans continue to unfold for the rollout of the Maxville water project and the upgrades needed to the water plant in Alexandria to accommodate the project. Town Hall meetings were recently held in Maxville and Alexandria to update the public on latest project developments.

Click here for the October 2nd Maxville Town Hall Meeting Powerpoint Presentation

Click here for the October 23rd Alexandria Town Hall Powerpoint Presentation 

Click here for the Version francaise - Presentation du 23 octobre sur les changements au réseaux d'eau 

Tenders are being released in mid to late October for the water storage tank south of the vet clinic in Maxville and the network of distribution pipes and some sewer lines where needed throughout Maxville.

While construction is taking place in the coming weeks and throughout 2018 for those project components, planning is underway for the transmission line from Alexandria and for upgrades to the Alexandria water treatment plant. 

Based on cost comparisons and other factors, the Township has decided that the most cost effective and practical water source for Maxville residents will be the Garry River in Alexandria. Details on the Environmental Assessment exercise for the water source are included in the powerpoint from EVB Engineering linked below.     

Click here for the Water Source Options Review 

Spring 2017 Update

After decades of lobbying and planning, the Township was approved for $22.5 million in senior level government funding to make the Maxville Water project a reality.  

Staff and consulting engineers are busy planning the roll out of the project over the coming weeks and months for a 2019 completion.

Earlier studies had earmarked the St Lawrence river through Cornwall as the water source but in 2016 those plans were cancelled when the cost projections over $64 million were deemed unattainable. Focus is now moved to determining if  the water source will be the Garry River in Alexandria or the Ottawa river via St Isidore.

Click here for the May 2017 Town Hall Powerpoint presentation

Summer 2013 Update

The design engineers are narrowing down the design to the Maxville distribution system and will need some help from individual property owners. Letters were sent with a form to have residents fill in where they would like the service pipe to run across their property to their home or business. A public meeting was on June 26th to answer questions about servicing and provide an overall update on the project to date.

Click here for the Powerpoint presentation with the update on the project to date.

Final Environmental Assessment Update:

New environmental reports are available for public review. Click on the file names below to download detailed reports on archeological and natural environment reviews for the route and main areas of the Glengarry Regional waterline.

Winter 2013 Update

The Township's consulting engineers continue to work on the design of the Glengarry Regional Water Supply Project (Glengarry Pipeline), working with the City of Cornwall water department staff and conducting detailed research for geo-technical, surveying, environmental and archeological assessments.

The detailed design is approximately 66% complete. While the engineers are busy at work, Township staff and councillors are busy presenting the project details to senior officials at both the federal and provincial governments.

Detailed presentations have been made to the MPs and MPPs of both ridings that cover North and South Glengarry and the City of Cornwall. Grant Crack, Jim McDonell, Pierre Lemieux and Guy Lauzon are all in favour of the project and understand the needs of the communities involved.

In late January, the City of Cornwall was also briefed and City councillors unanimously voiced their support for the project.

Click here to review the Presentation provided to the City of Cornwall and the local MPs/MPPs.