Leaf & Yard Waste Pick-Up Schedule

 Towns of:

 Alexandria, Maxville, Glen Robertson, Apple Hill, Lochiel, Dunvegan, Dalkeith

 Put your leaves and yard waste out on Monday November 7, 2016 @ 6:00 am.

They will be picked up before Tuesday November 8, 2016.


Please put leaves in compostable paper bags or in open containers.

Max weight per bag/container: 20 kg = 45 lbs.

Please separate your branches from the paper bags or containers because they will be picked up separately.

Branches should be bundled up or tied together and be no more than 4 feet long.

 Leaf and yard waste will not be picked up in small hamlets or on rural roads and county roads.

 Reminder: Leaves and branches can be disposed at the Landfill at no charge.

Glen Robertson Landfill :

3485 Dalhousie St - County Rd 23, Glen Robertson

 Please do not use plastic bags. Let's help extend the life of our Landfill.

 For more information:

613-525-5112 www.northglengarry.ca / rare@northglengarry.ca

Horaire pour la collecte de feuilles et déchets de jardin

 MunicipalitĂ©s de :

Alexandria, Maxville, Glen Robertson, Apple Hill, Lochiel, Dunvegan, Dalkeith

 Sortez vos feuilles et dĂ©chets de jardin le lundi 7 novembre 2016 Ă  6 h et ils seront ramassĂ©s avant le mardi 8 novembre 2016.

 DĂ©tails :

Veuillez mettre vos feuilles dans des sacs compostables (en papier) ou des récipients ouverts.

Poids maximal par sac/rĂ©cipient : 20 kg = 45 lb.

 Veuillez trier les branches et les feuilles puisqu'ils seront ramassĂ©s sĂ©parĂ©ment.

Toutes les branches doivent ĂȘtre attachĂ©es et mesurer au plus quatre (4) pieds.

 Les feuilles et dĂ©chets de jardin ne seront pas ramassĂ©s sur les routes rurales ni sur les routes de comtĂ©s.

 Rappel : Les feuilles et branches peuvent ĂȘtre apportĂ©es gratuitement au site d'enfouissement de Glen Roberston Ă  l'adresse suivante :

 3485 rue Dalhousie - County Rd 23, Glen Robertson

 Veuillez ne pas utiliser de sacs en plastique. Aidez-nous Ă  prolonger la vie de notre dĂ©potoir.

 Pour plus d'information :

613-525-5112 www.northglengarry.ca / rare@northglengarry.ca




Recycle Your Electronic Waste

green garbage can filled with old computer junkE-waste is a popular, informal name for electronic products nearing the end of their "useful life." Computers, televisions, VCRs, stereos, copiers, and fax machines are common electronic products. Many of these products can be reused, refurbished, or recycled.

Today, the electronic waste recycling business is in all areas of the developed world a large and rapidly consolidating business. Part of this evolution has involved greater diversion of electronic waste from energy-intensive downcycling processes (e.g., conventional recycling), where equipment is reverted to a raw material form.

Click here for a list of items that you can drop off for the E-waste.


Where to bring your E-Waste?

The Township of North Glengarry - RARE now has a an E-Waste drop off!


You can bring your unwanted electronics such as: Televisions, Display Devices, Desktop Computers, Portable Computers, Computer Peripherals, Printing Devices, Telephones, Cellular Devices, Speakers, Audio & Video Devices and much more to: 


RARE, 265 Industrial Blvd, Alexandria ON K0C 1A0


From Monday - Friday: 7:00 am until 3:30 pm